Opening Night

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Family and Friends


Well, tonight’s the big night. “Seussical: The Musical” opens at Malibu High. My Hillary has been working so hard, and bless her heart, trying to juggle homework, too. Sleep has been her biggest sacrifice so far, so I’m praying she can hold out until Saturday morning when she ought to be able to catch up a little bit.

If you haven’t heard of the show itself, you can read about it HERE.

There are 22 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in the cast, and since Hillary is one of the sixth graders and this is her very first musical, I think she is in on a cool opportunity. Malibu, as you might expect, takes its arts program seriously. I mean, Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s little sister is part of the cast. And the director has been freaking out because the clover she ordered from Hong Kong for the show hadn’t arrived yet. (Why clover from Hong Kong is beyond me.)

I’m taking my camera along for the ride tonight. And tomorrow night. And Saturday night. And Sunday afternoon. So you can expect some pictures.

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