More Will Campbell

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Justice, Lessons, Peace

IMHO, the opening lines are simply classic…

I watch the political process pretty much as I watch baseball. I have a favorite team, but I know that ultimately it makes no difference who wins. I gave up on politics offering any hope for the world’s problems a long time ago. It’s an illusion, a mirage. Sometimes good comedy. For example, I’ve been watching the Senate hearings on campaign reform. I sat with amused incredulity as Senator Thompson, who happens to be my senator, began. With feigned outrage he said his committee had reason to believe that a Chinese operative had attempted to influence an election in the United States. The senator, I’m told, is a tolerable actor. But heretofore his roles have not been in the realm of comedy. I thought his opening lines hilarious.

In the name of common decency, Senator, are we prepared to say that our country has not spent billions and billions of dollars in all sorts of covert activities, murder, and mayhem to influence elections and overthrow governments around the globe? What about Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile? What about our power-brokering in Iran and Iraq, those squandered hours that continue to bedevil us?

As a mere lad I spent three years in defense of my country. Now at ebb tide, I wish for a level of integrity from it. So why not stick to serious roles, Senator? Leave the comedy to Jay Leno and late-night television.

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