Wow, I Have My Very Own Ad!

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Justice

Check it out HERE. I feel totally important all of a sudden.

I agreed to speak on the undergrad campus during “Hunger & Homelessness Week” a couple of months ago, but I had no idea I would get my very own advertisement. I’d do just about anything for my very own advertisement.

You actually have to pre-register for this puppy, and of the 55-person limit, Jody heard that it is already approaching full capacity. My first reaction is that people are misreading the ad and think that there will be free food and shelter at the event. Then I remembered that it must be the fantastic topic. And it is a fantastic topic: “Christians Taking Action Against Hunger & Homelessness.” I would want to go if anyone else was speaking.

Quite an opportunity, though, the chance to speak to an impressive array of college students about one of the most important topics I can imagine. I have a couple of thoughts bouncing around my head, and I hope I can get them to cooperate and come out in actual words by Thursday evening. Wish me luck.

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