A Vocabulary Primer for Wills & Trusts

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Laughter

One of the side benefits of law school is the addition of several most excellent words/phrases to one’s vocabulary. Staring down my Wills & Trusts final, I thought I would share my ten favorite new words/phrases from that course and save you all the $40k+/year in tuition.

1. Hotchpot (my new favorite curse word)
2. Per Stirpes (rhymes with herpes, but somewhat less painful)
3. Intestate Scheme (how your spouse convinces you to get a vasectomy)
4. Ademption Softening Strategies (because, otherwise, ademption leaves an awful rash)
5. Parentelic Tiebreaker (the job of a divorce court judge)
6. Putting Your Spouse to an Election (“Do you want my advice or not?”)
7. Dependent Relative Revocation (kicking your children out of the house)
8. Failed Alternative Disposition (iow, you just can’t change your personality)
9. Pretermitted Spouse (a spouse: before termites)
10. Holographic Codicil (I’ve got nothing, but probably the coolest sounding term ever)

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